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Hong kong x reader
Musical Romance

You walked into the local music store, you were a 'bit' of a music nerd. You knew almost every word to every song that became popular in this town. You were up to date on the latest hits and, had a job working at the station. For a 17 year old girl, that was an accomplishment. It was true, You were a DJ.
"Hey, Kaoru." Your voice flowed softly along to the music blaring . Kaoru obviously didn't hear you.
"KAORU!" You yelled, making your friend nearly jump 5 feet oin the air.
" 'Sup _____." He took the large headset off, and placed them on the counter. He smirked, dark circles indicated he had spent the night doing the same thing you were. DJing and listening to music 'till 8 am.

"Kaoru, do you ever sleep?"
"No, I don't need it."
You had been friends with him since you were 14. You guys were the same age, and also in the same class at school and same job. You had first met when him and his father moved to America from China. Kaoru was from Hong Kong, a large city, You lived in a small town on the Atlantic coast, in the middle of NO WHERE. Which meant no concerts, no visitors, nothing. The only thing that kept this town alive was the radio station.
"You need to sleep more." You sighed and sat on the counter, Kaoru soon joined you. He ran his finger through his black hair and laughed.
"No, I don't think." He picked up his headphones and pressed play on his IPod, handing you the head set.
"Another recording?" You laughed and put the head phones on. Kaoru was actually good at singing, he had an amazing voice. He was singing a song you had heard before.

'Pika girl in a poke-world
I won the gym badge but you've won my heart'

  The familiar lyrics rang through your ears. It was a song that Kiku, Kaoru's brother had sent him awhile ago.  It was about love, Pokemon, and some other stuff.
"Nice. The vocals are amazing." You grinned, handing the electronics back to Kaoru.
"_______, I have to tell you something. You have to close your eyes." You did as he instructed. You felt another pair of lips meet yours, you hesitated at first, but a second later you returned the favor.
You and Kaoru opened your eyes slowly. He was pink, but you were probably fifty shades of red. A strand of (H/C) hair fell in your face, brushing it way, you looked at the boy that had stolen your heart at the first day you met.
"_______, 我爱你。"
"I love you too. You had me at 'DJing is my dream job', Kaoru."
He looked at you oddly for a moment then, responded.
"That was 3 years ago."
"I know."              

*Flash back time~*

You sat in the classroom of your grade 8 homeroom. Suddenly, the door opens, revealing a boy about your age. Everyone is staring at him and he walks over to the teacher with a note.
"Everyone, this is our new student, Kaoru." Your teacher's high pitch voice filled the silent room. " Tell us something about you."
He looked a bit bored, until she told him to say something about himself.
"My dream job is to be a DJ."
You had been only paying half attention to what was going on until, he said that. Looking at him, you hoped he would be seated next to you.
"Kaoru, go sit by _______."
Kaoru walked silently to the seat next to you. He lazily sat down and stared at the board.
"I'm ______."
"Oh, nice to meet you."
"I want to be a DJ too. It would be awesome, just to sit around sorrounded by music."
"______, I think we will be great friends."

*Back to you and Kaoru*

You and Kaoru got off the counter, then sitting on the floor, you in his embrace. Luckily the store was closed, so no customers would walk into the store. You and Kaoru just sat there. Not even noticing Yao, Kaoru's father, walk into the store from the back room.
"Good job, aru."
Comment if you see and typos/errors.

Get over it, Yao is Kaoru's father in this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or any of it's characters, nor do I own any pictures related to this. I also don't own you. I also don't own the song.
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